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10:30a.m. & 6:00p.m.

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Wednesday Night

6:30p.m. (5:30p.m. 1st Wed. Covered Dish)
Christ Church of the Carolinas
1824 Barnwell St.
Columbia, SC 29201

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Humble Evangelism

Posted Nov 10, 2015

Evangelism is more about weakness than strength and humility than boldness. It is more about what Jesus has done for your need, than it is trying to convince them of their need.... Keep Reading

Tell Them All That God Has Done for You

Posted Nov 3, 2015

This week “return home” and tell someone what God has done for you. ... Keep Reading

A Church Reforming

Posted Oct 19, 2015

As we remember the Protestant Reformation and live in it's movement today we must be seeking a modern reformation, a church always reforming to the standard of God's word.... Keep Reading

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