Evening Order of Worship

6:00 PM Worship Service at Christ Church

Welcome and Announcements

*Call to Worship And Invocation   Responsive reading No. 810 Psalm 70

*Hymns of Praise
      *No. 75  O Father, You Are Sovereign        

       Psalm 6(Sing Psalms) TUNE: OLD HUNDREDTH          

       *No. 128  God Moves in a Mysterious Way                            

Lessons in the Catechism                                       Belgic Confession(1561) Article 35
                                                                 Of the Holy Supper of Our Lord Jesus Christ

We believe…Lastly, we receive this holy sacrament in the assembly of the people of God with humility and reverence, keeping up amongst us the death of Christ our Saviour, with thanksgiving: making their confession of our faith, and of the Christian religion. Therefore no one ought to come to this table without having previously rightly examined himself; lest by eating of this bread and drinking of this cup, he eat and drink judgment to himself. In a word, we are excited by the use of this holy sacrament, to a fervent love towards God and our neighbour. Therefore we reject all mixtures and damnable inventions, which men have added unto, and blended with the sacraments, as profanations of them: and affirm that we ought to rest satisfied with the ordinance which Christ and his apostles have taught us, and that we must speak of them in the same manner as they have spoken.

Evening Kingdom Prayer

Scripture Reading  Exodus 1       

Sermon  "Exodus: God's Redeeming Love"  Rev. Scott Dinkins                                                  

*Closing Hymn
     Congregation Chooses a Hymn


*Closing Doxology:                                                          


*congregation standing                                                                             


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